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When you get a brand-new deck of cards, the first thing you do is throw out the two jokers. Ever wonder what happens to those two jokers? Some of them go on to start folk bands...


Caden Knudson & Aaron Connaughton are two high-strung low-life folk heroes from Maple Ridge British Columbia. Intricate finger-pickin’ guitar accompanied by percussive slappity slappin’ double bass tied together with smooth two-man harmonies. A mix of classic tributes and original tunes about life and loneliness in the Fraser Valley, as well as dancing spiders.




Photographic evidence of the kind of suspicious activities your favorite accountant & truck driver acoustic folk duo has been up to over the years including performances at:


Mission Folk Festival 2017

The ACT Theatre 2018

Envision Concert Series 2018

The Evergreen Cultural Center 2018


Heavens Gate Winery 2019






Most of our photography is done by the wonderful Sam Schultz, including our Golden Ears and Port Haney Wharf sessions, as well as the amazing Ryan Barnes who did our set at The ACT.


Please check out their other work below:




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Have a listen to our very first EP titled and featuring two "Professional Men of Music". Available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as other streaming services, and to purchase online at Bandcamp(Top left Corner) or in person.

Physical copies are available for $15 including domestic delivery, please contact Caden Knudson below.


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